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Iron Horse Lacrosse This Week, Hotel Blocks, Film, Chaperoning and More

By Admin, 10/09/18, 3:00PM CDT


Dear Parents and Players,

Iron Horse This Week 10/8-10/15 includes the following:

  • Chaperoned players
  • Hotel Blocks
  • Game Film
  • Connect Lax

As we approach our tournament weekends we will be pushing out more information to help prepare for our travel and tournaments.  Sorry about the length of the email!

Chaperoned Players

I need to have our chaperoning list finalized at this time.  I will give you until the end of the day today to let me know.   Please email with any discrepancies about this list.  

Alex Jessup Austin Nov 3-4, Nov 10-11
Will Hamlin Austin Nov 3-4, Nov 10-11
Tucker Hamlin Austin Nov 3-4, Nov 10-11
John Keaton Austin Nov 3-4, Nov 10-11
Cam Lynch Austin Nov 10-11
Sam Wadsworth Austin Nov 3-4, Nov 10-11
Ollie Lovell Austin Nov 3-4
Will Rhodes Austin Nov 10-11
Will Richardson Austin Nov 3-4, Nov 10-11

Reminder that adding chaperoning is an additional $500 per player per tournament and that fee goes to cover your son's hotel, ground transportation and food at the event and you will need to get them on the coaches flights.  Please email to add and mail your check to 11816 Inwood Rd Suite 50 Dallas, TX 75244.  

Hotel Blocks:

Our hotel blocks are beginning to close.  


One of our Terp hotel blocks (Hampton Inn and Suites) has already closed.  Many of you have reservations in the other block but if you still need to reserve your room for Terp then please follow the instructions below:

Please note that there are 7 days remaining before your reservation deadline at Springhill Suites Marriott - Ridley Park.  Listed below are current reservations for 2018 Terps Fall Invitational for November 3-4, 2018.  Please notify any other attendees that have not reserved rooms that they have until 10/14/2018 12:00:00 AM to secure hotel accommodations with EPN Travel Services.  To reserve space please copy the instructions below and email them to any other attendees:

To reserve hotel accommodations for the 2018 Terps Fall Invitational
Please Click here and use the on-screen menus to secure hotel accommodations.

Alan Marks  
Ben Sheppard  
Chris Elder  
Christine Loudermilk  
clay nichols  
Coach Room 1  
Coach Room 10  
Coach Room 11  
Coach Room 12  
Coach Room 2  
Coach Room 3  
Coach Room 4  
Coach Room 5  
Coach Room 6  
Coach Room 7  
Coach Room 8  
Coach Room 9  
Connie Baines  
Darin Davis   
Darin Davis   
Jeff Mims  
Jess Griffith  
Jessica Spannaus  
Julia Mercado  
Julia Mercado  
Julia Mercado  
kevin murphy  
Laura Deddens  
Lezlie Vlasimsky  
Michael Trampas  
Paul and Jameson Bessette  
Phil Isika  
Rachel Hobbs  
ryan morgan  
tina morton  
tina morton - room 2  
Tracy Sheridan  
Tracye Murphy-Ortega  
Trey Benson  
Tricia Sullivan  
Wes Kern  

If you have any questions, please email

Autumn Gold/NALI

This is a new block that you all have been waiting for.  This block is 35 miles from one tournament and 25 miles from the other so its about as in between as you can get.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW BLOCK AND MAKE RESERVATION

If you have any questions about our blocks, please email

Game Film

If you are new to Iron Horse we try to help you get game film as inexpensively as possible.  CLICK HERE to view our game film chart by tournament so you know what company is doing the film.  The only tournament that I don't have on the chart is Autumn Gold.  There website has not been updated and there link to Elevation Video is a bad link.  Elevations website also appears to be having some issues.  I have sent the tournament director an email and hope to have the film company resolved soon.  

Most tournaments are using NextPro (formerly GameTime Footage) and if you remember from the summer this was the company where you could purchase the yearly film subscription.  A few are not using NextPro and for those we will try to get "Team" game film by getting the lowest price with our usual sign-up form.  

If the team price gets lower than the individual prices then Iron Horse will buy the film and you will reimburse us for it.  So if "Team" film is $800 and 10 players want film on the team you will reimburse Iron Horse $80 for your portion of the film.  Normally film gets pretty low.  It can range between $60-$120.  All film money is collected on the trips in cash or check.  

If you want team film please fill out this form by CLICKING HERE NOW.  



The link to the webinar that Connect Lax held for us is here.  If you missed it the first time around you can revisit now!



Tiffany Surran